Popular Type Of Convertible Chaise Design

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Convertible Chaise Sofa

Convertible chaise – Flip-over sofas, also called the flop outs do not have a separate mattress. They are a unit, which can be folded out on the floor. Foam seat and back of the couch, your sleep surface. Flip over sofas typically used for children as it can be difficult for older people with problems getting around to come up from the floor for sleeping, and the more you weigh, the less comfortable these sofa beds is.

Foldout sleeper convertible chaise looks like a regular sofa and often sold with furniture suites, including love seats and chairs. The beds are tucked away inside the sofa frame, so when you need the bed, removing the cushions to reveal a lever that when pulled open the bed frame. Fold out beds has a separate mattress that folds in and out of the bed frame. Fold-out sofas sit around the same height as a regular bed.

Drop-end convertible chaise is suitable for small areas such as apartments. The arms (or ends) folded to create a chaise lounge, and you can manipulate the arms, move them to create either a single or double bed. Drop-end sofa beds usually have levers that you use to convert from bed to bed and back again.

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