Project DIY Add Chaise Covers

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Chaise Covers Pattern

Chaise covers РWith these instructions, you can easily make sew a new cover for the chaise. Measure the chaise with a tape measure, measure from the lowest to the highest point of the chaise, and the chaise width.  Buy twice as much fabric you decided that you would need to cover the yardage equation given above, especially if you have never done a cover before.

Hang a large piece of chaise covers, tucking into some of the fabric in the back of the seat cushions and then allow the fabric over the top of the chaise and cut the fabric about an inch longer than where it reaches the floor to provide space for a wide hem. Attaching the hemline and pad the line to indicate where you will need to sew.

Hanging two more pieces of fabric as chaise covers, one on each arm of the sofa back tucking the fabric during the pads with a couple of inches and then cut the fabric with an additional inch from where it touches the floor to allow ahem. Finally, add a piece of cloth over the seat of the sofa, making that extra “pin” room for pillows, previously, detailed and cut the fabric 1 inch past where it hits the floor in front of the sofa.

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