Repair And Fill An Antique Red Leather Chaise Longue Design

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Contemporary Red Leather Chaise

Red leather chaise – A chaise can add charm to any room. An antique chaise lounge may be in need of repair. To improve the appearance of a worn-out piece by repairing damaged wood, and by replacing inside the fabric and filling which are apt to mildew and insect attack time. Take plastic disposable gloves to protect against splinters. Spread the tarp or old newspapers on the floor around the chaise. With the help of another person, turn red leather chaise on its side so that the wood legs and the base are upward.

Repair and fill an antique red leather chaise longue, Sand by hand with 220-grit sandpaper if wood is delicate, or use an electric sander to sand wood in large sections, there are hairline cracks, splits or rough, discolored patches. Glue lifted wood sections with wood glue and press down into place. Stain wood stain after sanding and repairs, with a similar color to the original antique wood. Turn the chair right side up when the stain and varnish is dry.

Roll the fabric and pin on the chaise. Use padding scissors, cut loose fabric at the bottom and around the sides, leaving a 4 inch nails. Place the foam on a separate farm in rolled fabric, with the pattern down. Cutting around the foam pad, leaving a 2 inch think. Repeat steps on a separate part of the fabric. Sew all sides, except one. Use a sewing machine, and strengthen the edges as you go along sew. Slip the foam pad inside, and sew the remaining open edge sealed by hand. Place new pad on red leather chaise.

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