Repair Antique Futon Chaise Lounge Design

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Perfect Futon Chaise Lounge

Futon chaise lounge – Sand by hand with sandpaper 220 -as if the wood is fine. Adhesive raised wooden parts wood glue and press it back into place. Allow to dry. Next, stain wood stain after sanding and repair of similar color to the original antique wood. Apply two coats of stain with a clean brush. Whether the first layer is dry before the second coat.

Remove the upholstery from scissor pillows. Take fabric base and back. Use needle nose pliers to remove staples. Then, buy 2-4 yards of fabric pattern. Wrap the fabric and pin him to the Futon chaise lounge. The upholstery scissors to cut loose at the bottom and around the sides of the structure, so the 4-inch seam. Starting from the back, cut the fabric to the chair of the staple gun on the wooden frame. Pull the fabric up close, as you goes along, making sure that it does not bunch stretches.

Get through the first chair and continue stapling. Trim off any loose fabric and staple it in place. Last, place foam onto a private courtyard unfolded fabric and the pattern down. Cut around the foam pad, such as 2 inches seem. Repeat step a special section of the fabric. Sew the edge, with one exception. To use the sewing machine, and reinforce the edges as you go along the seam. Slip inside the foam cushion and sew the remaining open at the edge tightly in hand. Place the new cushion for Futon chaise lounge.

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