Repair Table Legs Homemade

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Table Legs – One of the legs of this table has loosened, losing the stability furniture. That is why we are going to show you how to fix the leg of a table. A simple restoration work with which we will make the table look like new. First, let go of the leg with the help of an Allen key. As you can see, the hole in which one of the riles of fixation of the leg is lodged, has given way.

We remove the riled embedded in the wood, since we will not use it again, and we clean the area by removing the wood remains. To rebuild the table legs area we will use extra-strong glue putty, which we will work with our hands since it can be easily molded. Before the product starts to heat up, we apply it in the area to be repaired. Its filling capacity makes it suitable for repairing and restoring furniture as well as gluing and reconstructing all kinds of objects.

Present the table legs against the envelope of the table and introduce the fixing screw, which with the product still fresh, will make a thread in the putty, without having to put the rhio again. Tighten the other fixing point of the leg and allow the product to harden for the time indicated by the manufacturer.

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