Room Ideas With Purple Chaise

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Purple Chaise Furniture

Purple Chaise – Rarely dare with strong and vibrant colors in decor, it is true that almost all of us like when we see in magazines, in shop windows and exhibitions and sometimes even give us envy when we see them at a friend’s house but the moment of truth, when it comes to furnish our own house we do not usually take risks.

In particular and for proposing a concrete example, I love the idea of creating a corner rest with a purple chaise lounge in a strong, intense color, and I do not mean a large sofa with extension foot, which is also very comfortable and very fashionable, but what I’m thinking is an independent and sole seat that allows us to have a unique place for special moments, if the design is retro style, the better.

Thinking about where to place I can think of two options if we have any room at home that we are not using, this would be the ideal to place a bookshelf site, a floor lamp, a side table and purple chaise lounge as the main protagonist, if not, either in the studio or in the office or in the living room, we can make a hole to set this exclusive corner.

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