Rustic Home Sign For American Kitchen

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Vertical Home Sign

Rustic Home Sign – Rustic kitchens generally feature items that can be seen in a country house, a log cabin or an old country house. American refers to furniture and artifacts that specifically represent American culture. Consider the decoration with rustic furniture and the use of patriotic colors in your kitchen such as red, white and blue.

The wooden panels on the walls will create a rustic look in any kitchen. Use effective wooden planks on the walls or use imitation wood panels. Paint the walls red, blue or white, or use the three colors. Paint most of the walls blue, for example, and then have a red accent wall and white trim as baseboards. Add wooden beams to the ceiling for a cozy cottage look. Ceiling beams come in light and dark shades of wood and can be made from genuine wood or from a wood-like material. The use of the old tin roof tiles is another option.

American accessories in the kitchen will tie all the rustic look together. Consider the leather strip of kitchen furniture and an American flag design on kitchen window valances. Decorate the walls with rusty barn stars and old tapestries with country scenes or farm animals. They feature a hammered finish zipper and utensil for various items, such as copper pans or cooking utensils. Kitchen style cloth screen, rag rugs, quilts, wooden bowls and hand-painted signs with phrases such as “God Bless America”.

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