Rustic Modern Furniture: Look What Ideas!

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Idea Rustic Modern Style

Rustic modern furniture – Rustic and contemporary modern are two styles that at first glance, seem antinomic, but in reality that go very well together. The rustic style as its name suggests relates to rural life. One thinks of the country houses which smell of the fire of wood. With the old patinated furniture, with squeaky parquet … While the modern style calls for the use of materials modern smooth like corian and with large openings, designer furniture.

The elements that combine these two aspects are find in furniture, architecture and decoration . What’s interesting with this mix of increasingly trendy genres is the ability to transform its interior. A rustic interior can benefit from a rearrangement and a modern decor. And a modern interior can be made warmer by receiving rustic elements.

Another very good idea when it comes to making your interior more rustic and warm is to use furniture from a very lightly worked wood. It gives a very raw look often sought after by those who love the contemporary style. Most often, this technique is use on large tables massive whose surface is create of a piece of raw wood voluntarily coarse which we can see all the details.

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