Secret Tips For Pretty Decorate Bohemian Themed Room

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Bohemian Colorful Room

Bohemian themed room – Old furniture, this is the key word of the bobo style: the furniture must feel the experience, testify to a story. Contraction of “bourgeois-bohemian”, we must remember, the bobo seeks to confront codes and even more when it comes to decor! This results in an eclectic interior with industrial furniture, pretty design pieces beside. They are slumbering old family furniture, trinkets of the great-grandmother and very modern furniture stamped Ikea!

On the coffee table of the living room, next to the sofa or everywhere on the walls. One exposes one’s knowledge. What may seem like pretense on the part of the intellectual brain is actually an attachment to the stories of those pages yellowed by time. In addition, what is more aesthetic than the cover of a fashion magazine on the coffee table. Or what is more aesthetic the front cover of a book proudly standing in the library?

All these details humanize the interior. Personalize it so that it avoids being a vague copied and pasted of those visible in the catalogs of decoration. Sensitive to the retro mania syndrome, the bobo style abuses winks with retro details . We recover an old school typewriter in a flea market, we dare to take out the parents’ turntable or their old TV set, we collect with diligence the old cameras of the sixties …

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