Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

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Beautiful Shabby Chic Bedroom

Shabby chic bedroom – A “shabby chic” bedroom offers the ultimate in comfort. The furniture looks “lived in” easy-care fabrics, which are worn and distressed furniture put to good use. The boundary between inside and outside is blurred with the introduction of wicker and old pieces brought in from the porch. “Shabby chic” speaks not only to design, but to a lifestyle.

Rescue occasional pieces as small wooden chests and tables from flea markets, junk shops or from the curb on trash day. Look for pieces that are sturdy yet worn, with solid construction, no damage and no missing items. Condition them and then paint them white or pastel colors for shabby chic bedroom.  Add an overstuffed armchair. Look for good lines and a solid frame. Cover chair with a chintz or linen slipcover and add throw pillows to soften the look. Choose a stool to pair with the chair.

Make a bed by tying a vintage painted door to the top of the shabby chic bedroom. Place the door horizontally and bolt each side of the bed frame to it. Leave the door handle on the door for extra character.  Make a “headboard” by putting part of the wood fence to the wall. Male white fence and then enjoyed the fine sandpaper. Secure the bed to both sides of the lower part of the fence. Encourage an ivy to grow from a bedside table and wine its way along the “fence.”  Buy a new, unfinished rocking chair. Sand it and spray it all with a light coat of green or blue paint. Follow with two coats of white enamel, allowing each coat to dry well and enjoyed it.

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