Simple Design For Country Style Bedroom

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Country Bedroom Painting Color

Country Style Bedroom – The timeless design blends elegantly into a French-style bedroom of the country. A mixture of contrasts of colors and textures, modern and ancient, family relics and nouveau pieces all come together. When completed, the room should be transparent and evoke the feeling that it has always been there.

A rounded or sloped roof, such as one from a country house or attic. It is contains silenced blue seafoam heel plate up to one wall, the ceiling and the other wall. Creamy yellow paint covers the alternate walls. A large four-poster bed sits against the wall. The bed can be bleached or dark ebony, but it is sturdy and well made. A seafoam painted large cupboard with a cameo flower painting on the panels occupies a corner of the room. While a chaise longue is nearby. Other bedside frames to consider include a mirror or an ornate triptych mirror, a wrought iron headboard or a solid wood headboard.

Layered fabric coordinates the room gently. The panels of the blue and white toile curtain are mixed with blue sheets and a white duvet, while the transparent lace under the curtains corresponds to the lace ruffle of the pillowcases and cases. The color pattern in the toile complements that found in the blue and white striped chaise longue and in the damask on the walls. lamp shades in muted blue silk with white beads match both.

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