Small Wood Step Stool For Anything And Everything

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Bath And Shower Wood Stools

Almost everyone has one in their house, in the bathroom, garage or in the kitchen: the small wood step stool. The stool costs less than 18 euros and you can use it for anything and everything. But he does look a bit boring and uninspired and we are quickly inclined to stash him away. But did you know that with a few small adjustments and a little creativity you can make something very new and beautiful wooden stool? Take a look at these examples!

A TV table for children:  with a coat of paint it becomes a cute table where you can put your child on when you are busy with the household. A bedside table:  paint the stool white or another calm color and you have a beautiful bedside table with space for a lamp, books and a glass of water.

An extra seat for when guests come:  it is handy to slide away under the table and you can conjure up a number of extra seats! A TV cabinet: two wood step stool, two long work surfaces and a little bit of improvisation and you have a beautiful TV furniture! A bookcase: a pair of wood step stool and a coat of paint make for a beautifully homemade bookcase for a fraction of the price of a ‘real’ one!

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