Sofa Beds Diy Pallet Base

Author: markayi | Categories: Furniture comments
Sofa Beds Grey

Sofa Beds – The pallets give us a thousand possibilities to build with the furniture, decorative objects and almost anything you can think of for your home or even your business. The sofa beds are an ideal option to save space and at the same time have a place to accommodate potential visitors. The important thing is to choose a comfortable mattress and do it with a lot of love.

The first of the ideas serves as a chaise longue but also as a sofa bed. If you have a hole in the back, just make the backrest deeper and put wheels on the seat part, but if you do not want to complicate or you do not have enough space. On the other hand, here we show you how to make sofa beds with pallets and at the same time endow it with a storage system like a magazine rack, bookshelf or even a bedside table.

Finally, we show you how to make sofa beds in the simplest way you can imagine. Just place a couple of pieces of pallets on the floor, choose a high and comfortable mattress and place many cushions as a backrest so you can use it as a sofa for the day and as a bed at night when you take them off. If it seems too low, you can give it height by stacking pallets.

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