Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame Design

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Modern Simplicity Solid Wood Platform Bed

Solid wood platform bed frame – Platform beds can cost several hundred dollars for purchase, which might not fit all budgets. You should create a frame that is large enough to hold your mattress an individual mattress is 39 by 75 inches. For example but the project can be easily adapted for any size mattress. By creating your own platform bed frame. You can save hundreds of dollars and sleep in bed the same day you approach the project.

Build the base of the double bed. Select two 2×6 of 65 inches and two of 28 inches 2×6. Place the side of two 65-inch sections per side with a 28-inch section inside each end. Press firmly the end of the 65-inch sections to the outer edge of each 28-inch section, and nail the two pieces together, placing a nail every 2 inches along the height of the 2×6. Repeat this at each corner to create a rectangular base structure.

Create the frame. Place the two sections of 2×6 of 77 inches vertically with one of 2×6 of 40 inches along the inside edge of each end. Secure these pieces at each corner by applying three nails spaced 2 inches apart along the width. Fix the slats of the final platform. Select two 2×6 40-inch boards and attach them to the head and feet of the chassis. Position the flat bed frame and lay a section 40 inches above the ground, along the inside edge of each end.

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