Step By Step Repair Chaise Lounge With Arms Photo

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Wooden Chaise Lounge With Arms

Chaise lounge with arms – After the summer, it is possible that some pieces of furniture in your garden or terrace have been damaged. The chairs are probably the most seats in moments have passed during these months. One of the parts that can be easily damaged is the arms of these. If you still want to catch the last rays of sun, or just want that next year is in perfect condition to withstand another summer, then you have to repair the part as soon as possible.

If you have broken one of the chaise lounge with arms you have in your solarium, you should start hitting the damaged area with special glue for the particular material. Work piece among the various fittings that are on the market, you should choose the one with the sufficient length to set the piece is damaged.

Chaise lounge with arms, once you’ve selected the right hardware, then you must attach the arm to the chair with a screw and washer. Then with a spanner, hold the other end of the metal fitting to the chaise well with a lock nut. This kind of nuts, so special a brake inserted getting not move or loosens with vibrations or movements. For this reason, they are very useful as stops on all axes.

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