Style Of Shabby Chic Bedroom Sets

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Good Shabby Chic Bedroom Sets

Shabby chic bedroom sets style often includes wooden furniture with an aged finish. If you like the general style of your current bedroom furniture, but want to give it a shabby chic look, give it a coat of paint. Antiques medium and special enamels help achieve a distressed look on painted furniture. You can also collect pieces at random in flea markets and paint them to be coordinated. Look for cabinets, bed frames, bedside tables and small tables that have a lovely home feeling.

A color scheme of light is associated with the shabby chic style. Choose neutral or pastel colors for walls, furniture and accessories. Pale pink, blue and green work well for a shabby chic bedroom style. Addition of bead board, also known as skirting boards, to the walls adds to the cottage feel especially when painted in a neutral or pastel tone.

Like the rest of the room, the art on the wall lends itself well to an eclectic style. Framed floral or botanical prints fit into the shabby chic design too. Old frames with old photographs also make an ideal detail. Consider hanging an old quilt on the wall for texture, color and large surface coverage. Another popular option is to paint and the anguish of an old window frame to hang on the wall. You can add illustrations or dried flowers on the window panels for the accent.

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