The Best Bohemian Style Room

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Bohemian Style Room Ideas

Bohemian style room colors are free-spirited and as free in the way they are used. A patchwork quilt made of various types of colored fabrics can create a boho feel of your bedrooms. Painting the interior walls different colors can be an interesting way to present oneself to the Bohemian style. Paint each wall a different color, and adhere to color combinations such as purple, yellow and red.

With a Bohemian sense of style there usually comes an ecological state of mind. The use of organic products to decorate your home is a great start for this task. Many like the look of a colored gauze for their curtains and tablecloths, and gauze is a multi functional organic fabric that can be used for many household needs. Bamboo floor mats not only create a Zen feel in your bohemian den, but they are also a pleasant eco-friendly decoration that is biodegradable.

A carpeted room can be giving a boho touch by throwing a carpet of bright colors with geometric designs on the top of the rugs. The beauty of bohemian style is that the sky is the limit. If you want a lime green carpet on top of the warm pink carpet, then it is up to you. However, it is always visually appealing to stick to a set theme of colors per room.

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