The Best Wood Storage Bed

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Ideas Of Large Storage Drawers

Wood storage bed – If you have a bed frame high enough, you can place storage containers under the existing bed. Choose between plastic, wood and fabric containers with or without wheels for the storage of excess items. Another option is to build your own storage box. Cut a sheet of plywood to any dimension storage box you need. Measure the space under the bed and leave enough space for the hinged lid on the top of the box. We saw the dimensions of the base, the top and the sides of their desired dimensions and fixed with wood glue or nails. Place the lid on the back of the hinged box.

A locker bed uses a built-in storage compartments directly below the bottom of the bed’s railings. Most closet beds have a modern look with a local military-style compartment for easy access of extra clothing, linens and other items.

Generally, you can order metallic versions of this bed in different colors for a less contemporary look. You can buy a comfy style bed with drawers in many types of storage beds for a more natural look, which offers side by side separate compartments for storage. You can buy this type of storage beds in wood.

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