The Essence Of Victorian Chaise Longue For House

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Victorian Chaise Lounge Sofa

Victorian Chaise Longue – Victoria Essence is the queen of the Essence collection. This set of elements proposed is based on traditional forms, showing the cooler side vintage style. The elegance bonded excellence models are balanced Chaise Longue a more informal tone, thanks to the use of wood and soft upholstery.

In addition to aesthetic, Victoria Essence also offers a high level of comfort, providing in ideal place to unwind in rooms such as the living room or bedroom to Victorian style. This Victorian chaise longue has a high added value thanks to its handmade process. The ability of the skilled hands results in unique finishes, which represent a guarantee for quality and durability.

It has an internal structure view of solid beech and pine. The interior padding is composed of high quality foam, plus feathers and fibers. The traditional finish nails upholsterer burlap and endows it with an authentic character. Victorian chaise longue usually available in a wide range of shades: cream, beige, dark gray, light brown, light brown leather, brown leather, Antique, red leather, green leather, camel leather, black leather, light gray, gray-blue, light blue or light green.

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