Tips For Organizing Kids Desk

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Kids Desk Design

Kids desk are available in all shapes and sizes. Your child’s work surface can be a nice tabletop on the legs, without storage underneath, or a small wooden desk with two drawers. The design does not matter as long as the surface is big enough for your child’s needs. Even your child’s desktop supplies and decorating style can change as she grows older; the basic organizational tips apply if she goes to school or prepares to graduate from high school.

Tips for organize kids desk. Your child will not be able to use his desk if it’s messy, so minimize the amount of stuff kept on the work surface. Adding a piece of clear Plexiglas to the top of the desktop allows your child to keep favorite photos or drawings in sight, but out of the way. Help the younger children clean their desks every week until they learn to do it themselves. Once or twice a year, go through all the boxes and shelves. If you are doing fun, your child will enjoy looking through his drawings and notes from when he was small, even if it was just a few months ago. Let him keep his favorites.

One way to keep the desktop surface clear is to use the area around the desktop to store the necessary things. Attach a bulletin board above the desktop to display a calendar, favorite photos, and important reminders. Hang a small storage stand – such as a CD holder on one side of the desktop for crayons, markers and other supplies. Hang a larger rack on the other side to hold magazines, folders and school binders. If yours kids desk does not have drawers, add a rolling cart with drawers below the desk.

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