Tips For The Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor

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Shabby Chic Wall Art Ideas

Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor – In 1996, interior designer Rachel Ashwell published a book called “Shabby Chic” to explain her decorating style. Ashwell believes in the beauty of quality furniture and bedding. That has been well worn and worn to a comfortable, vanished patina, and this idea of ​​cozy, ramshackle grandeur instantly. Became a very fashionable option for home decor. It is not a difficult aspect to copy and there are so many variations on the subject.

“And ventilated” are the keywords for the shabby chic look. So, they start with walls that are white or the palest of pastel colors especially pink, blue, green or yellow. Nothing dark in the room doors, wood moldings, and fireplaces. They should be painted white gloss or whitened to add light and shine. White lace or billowing curtains on the windows. And lacy mats over vintage (or vintage look floral tablecloths) add to the cozy, country cottage look.

Shabby chic furniture should look as if it has been used for generations even if it is new. An old piece of wood can be a strong focal point in a room, especially if it is distressed or dimmed. To make a new piece look at the part, paint it twice (a layer of white on a layer of a stronger color) and when is the sandpaper dry massage along the edges, corners and the top that reveals some of the first layers of paint and giving it that well-born look. Upholstered furniture should be covered with covers made of discolored cretonne or white cotton fabric.

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