Tips To Achieve The Bohemian Home Decor

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Modern Bohemian Home Decor

Bohemian Home Decor – Once a counter-culture movement that abandoned the pursuit of wealth and luxury for the pursuit of beauty and passion. That is in the creation of art and literature. Bohemia has been associated with an eclectic style in fashion and decoration of the home. The Bohemian style serves as an expression of low-cost individuality. With a diverse mix of contrasting styles and design accessories. Such as pairing an old silver candelabrum with a coarse table. Achieve the style by mixing findings from the flea market and unusual antiques, with new modern pieces.

Choose a color palette for the interior of a house using paint and fabric that express your personal style. Select a color from the wall of the palette, such as the most vibrant shadow, which will become the dominant tone in the room. Add a “shabby chic” texture to the walls by applying paint with a dry brushing technique with brushes.

Search for eclectic furniture and accessories in flea markets, antique stores, and thrift stores. Pay close attention to the lines, style and decorative elements of the pieces rather than the color, the stain or the upholstery, which can be changed out. Then upholster the furniture found with the colors of paint and fabrics taken from the color palette. Incorporate a diverse selection of clothing and accessories into the decoration with elements that contrast stylistically with selections of furniture.

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