Tips To Make Small Table

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Round Small Table

Small table – Although formal dining tables are traditionally tall and impressive, decorators recommend small tables to encourage conversation among family and friends and to add character to a room. Whether you need a table for the blank space at the window or reading corner in your child’s room, you may want to try to make a small table yourself. With the right tool you can make a small table as a weekend project.


Determine the height of your small table, then measure and cut four legs on your workbench. Raise the legs side by side and hold them together with a large C-clamp. Measure again and trim both sides to ensure the legs are exactly as long. Determine the mat for the top of the table, and then cut two sets of apron boards. Apron boards connect to the table legs and form a platform that supports on a table. Apron boards should be at least 2 inches wide or that they will not be strong enough to support the tabletop.

Attach one of the apron boards to pocket the whole jig and drill two free holes. The free-standing holes allow the screws to slide through the ends apron boards easily and penetrate the adjacent legs. The counter drillings will accommodate the larger radius of the screwdrivers. Repeat for the remaining three apron boards. Blow compressed air through pocket holes to remove any debris. Set the ramp boards and legs as if they were attached to a small table placed up and down the work surface. Attached aprons boards and legs by pushing got screws through the pocket holes. Turn your “topless” table foot and stand up on your legs. Push down the corners to adjust it and correct for any wrecking.

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