Trend Of Vintage Wooden Dining Chairs

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Vintage wooden dining chairs – Looking for a Scandinavian chair for your dining room? I went through the pages of the deco shops to create this list composed of Scandinavian chairs vintage style with bar back. But it also contains models with a more recent design, in the Nordic trend of the moment. What do they have in common? Soft lines made from wood in colors ranging from natural wood to white, passing through black and pastel colors.

The Scandinavian chair J77 was designed in the 60s by Folke PĂ„lsson’s for the manufacturer FDB. Its soft lines combined with a light wood (beech) perfectly illustrate the spirit of Nordic design. You can find the vintage version of this iconic model in antique shops or crack on its reissue since the chair J77 is now available in the catalog of the Hay brand.

To decorate your dining room, if you opt for the Scandinavian chair J77, to give rhythm around the table, you can choose to place the chair J110 at the ends. His file composed of the famous bars very characteristic of Nordic chairs is higher than the previous model. Its two armrests provide extra comfort for long family meals. Poul M.

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