Truly Beautiful Bohemian Room Ideas

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Bohemian Dining Room

Bohemian room ideas – The bobo style often has a hard life. Easy to define (and to be ironic), he nevertheless asks a wise and inspired eye. That’s why we fall for theme! To heal this bohemian interior, there are some essential to know on the fingertips. Exhibition of beautiful vintage furniture, large libraries with old books and collections of retro objects: the aesthetic of the Bobo house reflects his passions and his attachment to the past. Explanation of a style, to copy without guilt!

Accumulation is the leitmotif of the bohemian style. The most beautiful pieces must be proudly displayed in a falsely confused way. Wall side therefore, hang on your favorites: paintings, drawings, photographs, postcards … Framed, taped or pinch, whatever, your wall decoration must combine the most discordant styles. It’s all about being creative as an artist!

Another must-have accessory to enter the house for a bohemian atmosphere to perfection:  the catch-dream of course! The dream catcher, this mystical object from Amerindian culture, would have the power to ward off nightmares. Originally placed at the top of the teepees, he came to settle on the wall above the bed, then gradually invaded throughout the house, turning into a pure decorative object. We find it today declined in a kale of shapes and colors.

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