Tuscan Backsplash Kitchen Ideas

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Cute Tuscan Backsplash

Tuscan backsplash design incorporates the colors, textures and materials found in the environment. This means natural stone products, terracotta and a warm color palette of brighter blue and green are at the center of a Tuscan kitchen design. The kitchen tile is the last touch of most kitchens; a place to complete the style of kitchen design. To end the Tuscan kitchen is tiled structure integral.

The warm tones of terracotta are everywhere in Tuscan backsplash design. Put them in the kitchen tile by tile. Choose a subway tile in a pale apricot color to run in an offset pattern along the counters. Turn the plate to a herringbone pattern behind the cook top. To highlight the tile and enhance the color, choose a sky blue glass mosaic. Run a line of mosaic a tile up from the counter, and use it to frame the tiles behind the cook top.

Create a mural of mosaic tiles behind the cook top in the tile. Grapes, hills, wine themes, foxes and blue sky are all ways to create an authentic Tuscan backsplash design in the kitchen. Use tumbled stone mosaic in a warm color palette. Fill in the fields on the rest of the tiles with a solid color mosaic picked up inside the mural to complete the look. Frame mural with a natural stone chair rail in a secondary color from the mural.

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