Tuscan Kitchen Canisters Ideas

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Tuscan Kitchen Canisters Themed

Tuscan Kitchen Canisters – Decorating a Tuscan-style kitchen is a popular trend, as the Italian region is legendary for its traditional recipes and small vineyards. A Tuscan kitchen is more than a place to store pots and pans: It is a place for the reception of neighbors, family, and friends and to share food, coffee, wine, and conversation. The look should be warm and welcoming, with references to nature. Add accent colors. Try furnishing, tiles, plinths or pieces of orange poppy, red tomato, yellow sunflower, olive white old green and creamy.

Add touches of dark red throughout through the decorative pottery and wall art. Tuscan kitchen canisters can also provide a dramatic accent, with copper pans, dark pot stands, and granite counter tops. Invest in a couple of key pieces that add Tuscan style. A rustic wooden table is a classic. Wooden cabinets with antique hardware or wrought iron scroll mats are the usual. The common materials in the Tuscan interiors are marble, stoneware, tiles, and even leather.

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Look at the flea markets and antique shops for an old wooden side table or wine rack that can add old world style. Customize the tuscan kitchen canisters. Most of the traditional Tuscan style kitchens are not ornate but have pieces that combine form and function. Shiny embossed boats, clay pottery, cobalt blue glass jars, ceramic jars and fruit bowls are ideal. Remember to bring in nature with green areas, fruits, and flowers.

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