Tuscan Pendant Lighting For Kitchen

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Unique Tuscan Pendant Lighting For Kitchen

Tuscan pendant lighting – Kitchen islands are multipurpose spaces. Some of them include built-in fridge, sink, burner or grill. Not only are they used for cooking, serving and cleaning, they provide space for homework, checkbook balancing and other tasks. For these reasons, a strong light source is needed over a kitchen island, and an overhanging hanging light is often used. Hanging lamps over a kitchen island provide general lighting and work lighting. They hang from a kitchen rack and concentrate light on the island’s countertop, highlighting expensive granite or other surface treatments. Most kitchen hinges come with a dimmer so that light intensity can be controlled for cooking, reading, entertaining or task.

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Hanging lamps come in several styles, sizes and designs to fit into all kitchen furnishings. A contemporary or modern kitchen, for example, would be suitable for styling Tuscan pendant lighting with bold colored glass and stainless steel or nickel finish. An iron pendant should look at home in a Mediterranean kitchen. A Tiffany-style pendant, with its stained glass and geometric shape, would fit well in an art and craft style kitchen.

The basic rule of thumb to hang a hanging light is to leave 35 to 40 inches of space between the countertop and the bottom of the pendant, according to the American Lighting Association. If all members of the family are tall, hanging Tuscan pendant lighting should be installed higher than the norm.

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