Types Of Kitchen Table Ideas

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Kitchen Table Furniture

The kitchen table is the place that the family meets to talk during meals. They are generally smaller than most dining tables to transport limited kitchen space. Whether you are looking for a table that is decorative or functional, there are several types of tables that can be used in a kitchen. Folding tables have a fixed center with an articulated section (or sheet) on each side that can be folded up and down. This type of kitchen table saves space, as it can easily be folded after each meal and pushed aside.

Extendable tables can be separated so that you can add an extra section in between. These types of tables are great when you meet some additional people for dinner. The extra section can be removed from the table and pushed back together when you have finished eating, saving more space in your kitchen or dining room. Tables with drawers, if you appreciate organization, choose a kitchen table with built-in drawers. These drawers are great for storing napkin rings, napkins, tablecloths, candles, matches, and even playing cards.

Island of cooking, if you are not finding more than enough space for a full kitchen table, try a kitchen island and add some stool. Kitchen islands add additional counter space for cooking and food preparation. They also provide more storage space and with the table counter that can easily be converted into a dining table.

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