Types Of The Reclaimed Wood Furniture

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Ideas To Recycle Old Furniture

Recycled or reclaimed wood furniture is an economical and environmentally friendly natural alternative wood. The wood used for recycling comes from old, unused wood structures such as old barns, fences and industrial buildings that have been scheduled for demolition. Recycled wood avoids deforestation, is environmentally sound, unique (using wood products that are often hundreds of years old) and stable.

Boards (or particle boards) are made from the waste product generated by wood processing factories and sawmills. Sawdust and wood shavings receive cheap form plates or wooden panels, which are popularly used in interior design projects. Boards are made by combing the piece of wood and sawdust with urea formaldehyde resin (binding glue material). The dough is passed through an extrusion machine and comes out as sheets of boards, which are cut into sizes and shapes desired by heavy-duty saws.

Fibreboards are manufactured from 100 percent recycled or reclaimed wood products or waste generated by wood processing. Powder or wood shavings are glued together and pressed out of fiber-shaped wood sheets, which are stronger and technically more durable than agglomerates. Medium density fibreboards (MDF) are bonded with resin containing phenol-formaldehyde or urea-formaldehyde – which emit noxious gases in the indoor air. Sawing MDF boards causes lung irritation and can be harmful to patients with asthma. Uses of fiberboard base include office and industrial furniture, ceiling support sheet and acoustic insulation panels.

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