Ultra Practical Wood Twin Bed With Trundle

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Daybed With Pop Up Trundle

Lack of space in the bedroom or living room? And if you opt for a wood twin bed with trundle. This ultra-practical is transform into a wink in an additional sleeping. Natural wood, modern metal, cozy fabric, raised, shack-shaped … It comes in many ways while remaining decorative. The second bed is in the drawer! Ideal to optimize the space the trundle bed or bed drawer, takes the principle of Russian dolls with a drawer that is embedded in the bed. Equipped with a second mattress, it can become very easily a bed of extra .

Electric, remotely controllable and modular with a large choice of options. This desk bed has the advantage of being totally undetectable during the day. When you work on the desk or not. It has a three-catch block, concealed under the desk. At night, it transforms your space into a comfortable bedroom. This model is delivered and install directly at home.

Perfect in a children’s room, it will be able to welcome visiting friends. And if you do not need extra sleeping, there’s nothing stopping you from using the drawer to tidy up your kids’ games. Other models are said to open laterally because they unfold on the side: with wheels or not. they can sometimes get up to reach the same height as the first bed.

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