Use A Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame King Without A Box Spring

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King Size Platform Bed Frame With Storage

Solid wood platform bed frame king – The problem with using a solid wood platform king-size bed frame without box springs is that the box springs provide the structural support for the bed. Much like your body’s skeleton, without the box springs beneath it, the top mattress will sag in the middle. In many cases, it will sink far enough to pass through the frame and wind up on the floor.

The solution is simple: Create structural support through a project that takes less than half an hour. To do it, just starting with cut the plywood to match the dimensions of your mattress. For a standard king size bed with mattress, cut each sheet to 76 inches by 40 inches. Second, place plywood on the rails on your bed frame. The long sides of plywood must be perpendicular to the long sides of the bed.

Third, rolled out egg box foam to cover plywood, stapling it in place with short gun. This will help accommodate the fact that plywood is harder and less flexible than box springs. And the last, place your mattress pad on top of the egg box foam. Good advice and warnings: Twin, parallel plywood sheets should be enough to prevent sagging. But if sagging is a problem, you can place a single slag under the wood platform bed at the center of further support.

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