Very Fun Kids Play Kitchen

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For children cooking in the play kitchen is a very fun and enriching game. If we give them space and delegate tasks we will see the autonomy, skills and knowledge they acquire. Discover today the many tasks that a child can do at different ages! One of the favorite symbolic games for 2-year-old children (approx.) Is playing kitchens.

They spend the day cooking and cooking. It is a reflection of what they see at home and they like to try it again and again and get involved in their game. But another thing that they are generally passionate about is cooking in the play kitchen! At home is something that I have more than proven and I see it reflected in other homes.

My children began to cook from very small, that is to interact in the kitchen according to the possibilities of their development, first helping and watching and then move on to take more advantage in the development of the recipes! Keep in mind that if they come to help you, the play kitchen can be quite messy and dirty as well as their clothes. Think that this is only a matter of time and cleanliness, but that experience will never be forgotten!

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