Wall Color For Country Bedroom Decoration

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Master Country Bedroom Decoration

Country bedroom decoration – The wall colors in a rural style bedroom set the tone for the whole room. Baby blue, pastel purple or bright shades create a soft effect that blends with old-fashioned or rustic decor. Richer shades work well, but only in a balanced way with decor that complements the dark shades on the wall. Design a country bedroom that captures farmhouse look or French country style you want to create.


Bright pastel colors really blend nicely into a country bedroom decoration. These colors do not create an overwhelming feeling, so you can paint the entire room pastel purple, pink, light yellow, pastel green or other bright shades. Decorate with other pastel colors, white or rustic wood country furniture and pastel beds. Include some old-fashioned accents on the chest of drawers, such as an antique silver hand mirror and brush set or an old crystal vase filled with bright silk flowers.

Earth Tones

Soil colors, such as beige, medium green, tan and other neutral shades, can also make a country bedroom stand out. These colors blend well with any type of country bedroom decoration and they are lightweight so you can paint the entire room a head ground tone shade. Choose soft white or bright bedding and other earth color accents, such as baskets filled with earthy colored yarn, stones and some plants.

Dark shades

Some dark shades, such as burgundy, plum and forest green, easily melt in a country room. Choose a main wall as an accent wall to paint a dark color and leave the other walls white. Decorate with other lighter colors that complement the wall and the other interior of the room. Hang up pictures with white frames so that they protrude against a darker wall.

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