Waller Rustic Furniture Ideas

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Smart Waller Rustic Furniture

Waller rustic furniture – Rustic furniture can have a place in any decoration, either as a single piece unique accent or a whole set of primitive, handmade furniture. One of the most popular rustic looks for pioneer methods of making furniture using trunks, branches and sticks to form functional furniture such as chairs, tables and beds. While there are plans and assembly kits available, you can also design and build pieces that reflect your own ideas.

Practice making mortise and tenon joints. These boards are common in rustic wood “log” furniture designs. The shroud is a cavity carved into a trunk at the joint. The spike is a corresponding peg carved in another register in the joint. The spike tang fits into the mortise hole very firmly, holding the two logs together. Very well made the mortise and tenon joints do not require glue and without fasteners. The practice of making these special boards in the junk and stick registers until you have confidence in their abilities. Once you conquer this craft, you unleash your rustic furniture design creativity.

Look for adequate supplies of trunks, branches and sticks. Look for wood stock of woods such as maple, oak, walnut and fir tree for the most durable furniture. Softer woods, such as pine, are easier to carve. Soak the pine limbs in water and bend them to the desired shapes. In some places around the United States, such as the southwest, you can often buy wood logs and limbs at home improvement stores. In your region, keep an eye out for tree cleaning and removal operations.

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