Why Should Wood Loft Bed?

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Loft Bed Dimensions

Wood loft bed – Making a wooden mezzanine is an economical solution to expand the surfaces of the home. As long as there is enough space in height to be able to exploit. The mezzanine is useful, both for obtaining large closets, and for creating raised sleeping areas. Or a study where you can devote to your passions.

Why the wooden loft bed? There are many reasons to prefer a wooden loft, to other types made, for example, in metal or masonry. Among these, the possibility of being able to carry it out on its own, as explained in this guide. Not to mention the very pleasant appearance of a wooden loft, whose material nature immediately makes you think of an intimate and reserved place.

These are the possible uses of the wood loft bed plans. First, closets, especially in correspondence of corridors with fairly high roofs, closed perhaps by large sliding doors. Second, hanging walk-in closet , closed by sliding doors. Thrid, sleeping area with a low Zen-like bed, with two low bedside tables, perhaps arranged above the wardrobe area. Fourth, corner for reading and relaxing , with a chaise longue or a comfortable armchair and a small bookcase.

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