Wood Book Shelves Design Ideas

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Modern Wooden Bookshelves Ideas

Wood book shelves – If you have free wood or enjoy working on your own furniture or storage projects, you should consider preparing the wooden book shelves. There is a wide variety of wooden bookshelf options for you to choose from, ranging from simple modular boards to complex projects. Consider the amount of time you have, what spaces you have to work, and your own skill level before starting any shelving project. Do not be afraid to use your imagination.

Modular book shelves are built into the walls of your home, so you need to back up your knowledge of carpentry with knowledge of electrical systems and plumbing in your home, too. If you can find an ideal place for these shelves on the wall, that can be an ideal solution for storage. Do not take to any room and make use of the unused spaces below the stairs or in other areas.

If you feel like a simpler project than modular book shelves, stick with simple open shelves. By leaving out sides and back, these shelves are easier to build and have a more contemporary design. Use solid vertical posts at the corners of the book shelves to take the place of the structural parts. The cabinets are more shelves of labor-intensive books that often have doors, allowing you to hide not only books, but other items on the shelves. If you wish, you can create cabinets without doors and instead install a permanent shelf of books on your wall.

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