Wood Canopy Bed Frame For Adult Room

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Wooden Canopy Bed

Wood Canopy Bed Frame – The purpose of the cover on a bed was to keep the heat contained in the sleeping area. While the canopy can give a bedroom a feminine appearance. The materials of the frame and fabric can also coordinate with the styles of bedroom decoration for adults.

Flowing fabrics with floral motifs and lace add the romantic and feminine appeal of a Victorian bedroom. Dark wood frames and fringed tassels add to the Victorian decor, too. Choose fabrics to enclose the sleeping area. Or long fabric arrangements through the cover allow the material to accumulate on the floor with elegance. Neutral colors such as cream, white or beige coordinate well with the contemporary bedroom decor. A contemporary canopy can use shorter pieces of cloth that adorn the upper part of the cabin structure. The shorter fabric has a cleaner and more piercing appearance. Then the long draped fabric that adorns a Victorian or romantic campaign design.

Remove the fabric and paint the structure of the cabin a glossy black to decorate a four-poster bed for modern bedroom decor. A bright chrome frame also works well in a modern style interior design. While modern and contemporary bed styles sit closer to the floor and have a simple design, the frame can create a bit of drama without adding the restlessness of a traditional canopy bed. Create a drama in a modern black and white room by enclosing the four-poster bed with a bold color like red.

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