Wood Patio Bench With Lid

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Modern Outdoor Bench

Wood patio bench with a lid top is an asset in the home and garden. When made of durable materials, it becomes an all-season, all-purpose tool for avid gardeners or practically do-it-yourself homeowners.

Use the measuring tape and carpenter pen to measure and mark the contours of the wood patio bench pieces on a full 1-inch plywood sheet. Mark the front and back pieces for 12 inches by 48 inches and the side pieces for 12 inches by 12 inches. Mark the bottom for 10 inches by 44 inches and the top for 16 inches wide and 48 inches long.  Use the pen and Metal Square to measure and mark the base material for cutting. Use 2 of 8 pieces for base boards; the front and back panels should be 46 inches long, and the ends should be 12 inches long.

Mount the base pieces by nailing or screwing two of the 8s together miter corners. Drill starts holes to eliminate splitting. Use a bit that is slightly smaller than the screw or the nail diameter. Place a string of wood patio bench glue before attaching together. Place the center piece so that it fits flush with the front and rear base pieces and attach it with wood glue. Determined foundation to the side until the glue dries. Lift up and set the bench box unit on the base with the bottom attached. The bench box assembly should fit so that the plywood overlaps two out of eight base pieces for the front, back and ends. Use the level box to help keep the bench mounting level by checking that exactly 6 inches of two of the eight wood base units are exposed to show under the plywood bottom.

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