Wood Platform Bed With Storage Best Solution Option

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Reclaimed Wood Platform Bed With Storage Furniture

Wood Platform Bed With Storage – There are many different designs of platform beds out there, some with storage, others not. commercially made platform beds are generally quite expensive, and those with built-in storage are even more so. Why not save yourself money and make your own? It does not have to be a complex project. If you use pre-made storage cubicles in the base and dash.

Your new storage bed just got a whole lot simpler. Place the cubicle units in a rectangle, facing outwards, with the two 75-inch units placed on either side of the 15-inch cubic cubicles, to form a rectangular frame, 45 by 75 inches. This makes a double bed. To modify the size of the solid wood platform bed with storage. Use longer or more cubicle units wider and adjust the length of the slats as necessary. Glue the wooden planks inside the cubicles.

The planks are expansion studs. So they have to be adjacent to each other in the cubicle walls: one of each at the top and bottom of the cubic cubicle’s side walls. One at the top and bottom of the wood platform bed king. The sides next to the cubic cubicle, inside the cubicle units long. Pre-drill two holes through each of the anchors. These holes are pass through the anchor, through the wall of the cubicle and into the adjacent screw anchor in the other cubicle wall.

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