Wood Queen Size Bed Frames Fit To Full Size

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Wood Bed Frame Queen With Drawers

Wood Queen Size Bed Frames – There is no better alternative to scrapping a piece of old furniture than finding a new function or purpose for it. When reducing a queen to a full-size bed – a smaller space or perhaps it was a gift or an inheritance. Make some simple adjustments to make your queen bed frame fits your full-size bed. For the bed with a wooden headboard and footboard and two metal mattress support bars, check to see if the support bars are adjustable. And can be adjusted from 80 inches for a double bed to 75 inches for a full-size bed. If they are not adjustable, purchase two new full-size mattress support bars at a furniture store.

If you have a double platform bed whose top extends more than the base of the frame. There may be enough inches along both sides to reduce the excess down to a full-size bed. Mark 3 inches from the side edge of the head, middle and foot of the bed. Along each side of the bed. Use a long straight edge to draw a line to connect these marks. Use a circular saw to cut away 3 inches on both sides of a platform bed frame. Reinforce the structure of the frame with wooden uprights and wood glue and the key to a wooden trim to hide the cut edges.

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